What are the real differences?

Cost:  Ag Kranes cost from $3,070 to $4,655. A front end loader will cost from $4,000 to $23,000. Our biggest Ag Krane can handle the biggest 4 wheel drive tractor made. Many large aftermarketloaders are "not recommended" for front wheel assist tractors over 180 H.P. and are not even available for large 4 wheel drive tractors. Also, the mechanical self leveling feature comes standard with 3 Ag Krane models but is a $1,500 to $2,500 option with front end loaders.

Time Saved: The Ag Krane can be attached in less than 2 minutes. Even quick attach loaders take 10 to 20 minutes to hook up, resulting in farmers leaving the loader attached to save time and trouble.

Versatility: The Ag Krane can be attached to any three point hitch tractor. You can use your Ag Krane on your 75 H.P. in the morning and your 275 H.P. tractor in the afternoon.  A front end loader can only be attached to the tractor it was designed for.

Capacity: The Ag Krane can lift 4,000lbs. on the forks and 7,000 to 19,000lbs. on the lift lugs. Even the biggest loaders top out at 6,000lbs.

Reach: The Ag Krane has a reach of 6' for the MSL-072s, 8' for the MSL-096HD and 10' for the 120HDXL Models. Front end loaders have a reach of 2' to 4'.  Many front end loader tractors sustain front end damage due to lack of reach.

See What You Lift: With the Ag Krane you can clearly see lifting hay, pallets or equipment. With a front end loader your view is blocked by the nose of the tractor, forcing you to work blind and dangerous.

Attachments: The Ag Krane offers a number of optional attachments, most of which are truly quick attach. Front end loaders charge extra for the quick attach feature and their attachments are 25% to 40% more than Ag Krane attachments.

Convenience: The Ag Krane can be attached in 2 minutes and removed in 1. Many Ag Krane jobs can be finished before a loader can even be attached.  Because a front loader takes 10 to 20 minutes time to attach, many farmers leave them attached where they are always blocking the forward view for other tractor operations.

Tractor Damage: Most tractors are not designed to carry heavy loads on the front axles. Rough terrain can add 3 times the pressure due to shock load. Expensive repairs from bent or broken front axles are a frequent problem with loader tractors. The Ag Krane lifts from the strongest part of your tractor; the rear axle.